ViralPlugin is a nifty FireFox plugin made to work with ViralURL. This plugin will allow you to shorten and cloak any link in a few seconds! Not only will this give you reporting such as click stats and where the clicks are coming from, it will also protect your links and affiliate commissions if you are using affiliate links.

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Why Cloak With ViralURL :

  • Links to ViralURL with your affiliate ID so you can build a list
  • Earns you credits on each view, so you get free advertising for your sites
  • Builds another income on Auto-Pilot! Whenever you refer someone to ViralURL from your ViralBar (no extra work) and they upgrade, you earn up to 60%! Meaning you can earn over $100 per referral!

Latest Version of FireFox:

Most Powerful Feature of ViralURL:

ViralURL is also a list builder, and we offer a Gold membership that allows you to mail 3,000 of our highly targeted members every 3 days. We have thousands of very satisfied users and many have sent us testimonials telling us how much they like our service. Here are just some of the testimonials we have received! So why don't you harness the power of our upgraded membership. Just login to your account, and then click on the 'upgrade' tab on the far right menu link.

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